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best tattoo studio in kolkata
best tattoo studio in kolkata

Why Choose Us

Fine Body Art with Perfection

Love of God Tattoo Studio is where unique, artistic visions are brought to life every day. Our industry-leading artists specialize in custom tattoo work. They leverage both traditional tattooing tools and the latest inking devices to bring life to our customers’ artistic visions. We believe that with exceptional body art comes style, peace, and confidence. That is why we are committed to creating meaningful and visually stunning body art. If you are looking for high-quality tattoo work that will last a lifetime, stop by the shop today! Or, call us to have a free, no-obligation discussion with the best tattoo artist in Kolkata!

Our Philosophy

Despite being a centuries-old art form, tattooing is still evolving as an art today. At our studio, we feel privileged to be part of the golden era of tattooing. New styles and innovative tattooing techniques are being developed all the time. With each style, technique, and process: our artists have to balance three worlds: art, science, and skincare. To make this challenging task as safe and fun as possible for our clients, we use the highest quality inks, needles, and safety equipment.

Safety & Hygiene

We adhere to strict safety measures and industry standards to ensure that your tattooing experience is as safe and risk-free as possible.

Our Certification

best tattoo studio in kolkata


Our Process  

The easiest way to kickstart your relationship with the best tattoo artist in Kolkata is by calling us or sending us a message.

Once the final tattoo is revealed, we will provide a proper after-care plan and offer detailed instructions on how to conserve your tattoo.

To learn why Love of God Tattoo Studio is known as the best tattoo artist in Kolkata, contact us now! 

Our Values

Filled the Joy with Tattoos



We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of craftsmanship, artistic excellence, and professionalism in every aspect of our tattoo services.



We believe that passion is the key ingredient that sets us apart and allows us to create extraordinary tattoos that resonate with our clients on a profound level.



It is the driving force behind every design, every stroke of the needle, and every piece of body art we create.


Professional Artists

Our tattoo studio is home to a team of highly skilled and professional artists who are passionate about their craft.


Tattoo Designs

At our tattoo studio, we specialize in creating unique tattoo designs that are tailored specifically to you.


Affordable Price

When you choose our studio, you can rest assured that you are receiving a high-quality tattoo at a reasonable and transparent price.


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