Post-Tattoo Skincare: 7 Vital Steps the Leading Tattoo Artists for Females in Kolkata Recommend

August 30, 2023

Tattoo artist for female

The leading tattoo artists for females in Kolkata use modern-day inks and tattooing machines to create stunning works of art on women’s bodies. However, unlike traditional henna or mehndi tattoos, new-age tattoos are permanent. They can retain their “brand-new” look longer. But there’s a catch: women must take the proper skincare steps to make their tattoos heal properly. Only then can their tattoos stay in pristine condition for a lifetime. 

Proper skincare is also the key to avoiding infections and rapid fading. Here are some essential skincare tips that the top tattoo artists for females in Kolkata recommend. By following these basic skincare steps, women can make their tattoos heal faster and last longer!

1. Avoid Re-Bandaging the Tattoo 

Once the initial bandage from a tattoo is removed, women shouldn’t cover it again. Tattoos need to breathe, and keeping them wrapped up exposes the skin to risks like:

  • Infections: Bacteria and dirt can get trapped between the skin and the bandage, leading to skin infections. 
  • Poor Healing: Re-bandaging a brand-new tattoo prevents proper oxygenation vital for healing. 
  • Skin Irritations: Poor airflow can suffocate the skin pores and cause rashes, scarring, and inflammation. 

Women must always give their tattoos breathing space, so wrapping them back in a bandage makes no sense! 

2. Avoid Baths, Especially Hot Water

Soaking a new tattoo in hot water can wreck its design. Hot water can also burn the sensitive skin. So, women must avoid taking full-body baths. Here’s a skin-friendly bath schedule that the top tattoo artists for females in Kolkata recommend:

0-24 hoursThe tattoo artist will wrap the tattoo in a bandage. Don’t open the bandage just yet. If you’re getting a shower, don’t get the bandage or the tattoo wet directly.
24-48 hoursRemove the bandage. Gently wash your tattoo with lukewarm water. Avoid scrubbing.
2-3 weeksAvoid submerging the tattoo in water during baths or in swimming pools
3-4 weeksOnce the tattoo is fully healed. resume your normal bath-related activities.

Always remember, a brand-new tattoo is fundamentally an open wound. Untimely exposure to water can damage this wound’s healing process. 

3. Apply Ointments, But Only in Small Amounts 

Applying ointments to a brand-new tattoo is great for avoiding skin infections. However, applying too much can create an ultra-moist environment that is not good for the skin’s natural healing process. 

4. Use Non-Scented Skincare Products Only 

The pleasant scent in lotions, creams, and other skincare products comes from fragrance chemicals like benzyl alcohol, linalool, geraniol, and eugenol. While these chemicals are generally harmless to the human skin, they can cause severe irritation in open wounds. 

As stated above, a brand-new tattoo is just like an open wound. So, women should only apply non-scented creams and lotions to their healing tattoos.

5. No Scratching

Scratching can severely disrupt the healing process. So, women must fight all of their urges to scratch their tattoos. 

6. No Peeling Off Dead Skin

Scabs and dead skin cells will and should fall off naturally. Women must give their skin enough time to heal naturally and avoid manually peeling the dead skin layers around their tattoos.

7. Listen to Your Tattoo Artist for Females in Kolkata

Lastly and most importantly, women must follow all the skincare-related instructions they receive from their tattoo artists for females in Kolkata. At major tattoo parlors like the Love of God Tattoo Studio, customers receive personalized skincare guidance. Following these customized skincare tips is vital because professional tattoo artists know what’s good/bad for their customer’s skin. 


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